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Your Personal
Peptide Synthesizer

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Designed for every peptide researcher

The first fully automated peptide synthesizer for every researcher to own.

Easy to setup. Easy to use

Setup a peptide sequence in minutes. Come back to a finished 30-mer.

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Designed for research scale

Produce anywhere from 50mg to 500mg of peptide at a time.


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Fits in
any lab space

Compact unit that tucks away on any lab bench, making your peptide sequences day and night.

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Reliable and
easy to use software

Powered by CSBio's CSPEPM™ software, the CSBio II is built off the most robust peptide synthesis software available on the market.

CSBio II Features

The CSBio II is built to perform any type of peptide synthesis including branched peptides, cyclized peptides, glycopeptides, n-methyl peptides, peptide nucleic acids (PNA), Peptoids, long peptides >100 amino acid, Peptide Thioesters, and Phosphopeptides

System Specs

  • 15ml disposable filtered reaction vessel
  • Heated RV and pre-heated solvent delivery
  • Thirty 5ml amino acid positions
  • 4L, 1L, and 250ml solvent reservoirs

Solvent Consumption

2.5L of solvent consumption per synthesis for a 20-mer peptide

Cycle Time

Complete peptide synthesis of a 20-mer peptide in less than 5 hours

Included Accessory Kit

  • 50 pack of disposable reaction vessels
  • 30 amino acid vials with holding rack
  • Fumeless solvent dispensing accessory

Installation Requirements

  • 31" wide x 23" height x 23" deep
  • 120V or 220V, Nitrogen @ 14 psi, Vent
  • Windows 7 or Windows 10 Computer


One year full warranty covering parts and labor


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About Our Company

CSBio is a leading peptide and instrumentation manufacturing company located on the edge of
Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, California.

For over 25 years, CSBio has been providing high quality custom peptides, cGMP peptides and automated peptide synthesizers to the global pharmaceutical community. Our peptide products and instrumentation can be found in production laboratories and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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Our state of the art cGMP manufacturing facility and vertically integrated design and manufacturing engineering team provides the best in class products and services in the industry.

  • cGMP Peptides
  • Peptide APIs
  • Non-Clinical Peptides
  • Peptide Resins and Amino Acids
  • Research to Commercial Scale Peptide Synthesizers
  • Pilot and Process Scale DNA Synthesizers
  • Preparative HPLC Purification Equipment

About Us

CSBio is a leading peptide and instrumentation manufacturing company located on the edge of Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, California.

CSBio provides nonGMP and cGMP peptides, peptide APIs, research scale peptide synthesizers, commerical scale peptide synthesizers, DNA/RNA oligonucleotide synthesizers, and preparative HPLC purification equipment.

Our Contacts

20 Kelly Court
Menlo Park, CA 94025

(+650) 322 1111