cs_bio_peptide_vialsCSBio has a long-standing commitment to high quality custom peptide work.

CSBio is a rapidly growing biotechnology company located on the northern edge of California’s Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, CA. CSBio has grown to meet the increased demand for peptides for research and development, clinical trials and peptide APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) which are produced at the Menlo Park production facility. As the world of biotechnology continues to utilize peptides more and more in the fields of therapeutics, vaccines, new drug discovery as well as bioengineering and nanotechnology, CSBio is well positioned provide high quality purified peptides to this rapidly growing industry. Whether your requirement is for popular catalog peptides, custom peptides or extremely high quality cGMP produced peptides, our goal is to be able provide a seamless supply of your desired peptide compounds to support the rapid growth of your peptide programs. Our catalog peptides cover many popular research areas and our custom peptide group specializes in difficult peptides and peptide modifications. CSBio has designed and built a state of the art large scale cGMP peptide manufacturing facility that can produce multi kilogram quantities of extremely high purity peptides for existing clients as well as new potential customers.