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CSBio is a rapidly growing biotechnology company located on the northern edge of Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, CA. The company has expanded the Menlo Park production facility to meet the increased cGMP production demand for large scale peptides and Peptide APIs.

As the world of biotechnology continues to utilize peptides in the fields of therapeutics, vaccines, new drug discovery as well as bioengineering and nanotechnology, CSBio is well positioned to provide high quality clinical grade compounds to this rapidly growing industry. Our goal is to be able provide a seamless supply of peptide drugs and APIs to support the continued growth of these programs.

CSBio has designed and built a state of the art large scale cGMP peptide manufacturing facility that can produce multi kilogram quantities for existing  partners as well as new potential clients. CSBio also features a complete line of automated peptide synthesizers with systems designed for R&D to large scale manufacturing systems of 500L and greater. These systems are validated for cGMP peptide drug production and can be found in peptide production laboratories and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.  No matter your peptide requirements, CSBio will provide high quality service and products to ensure your peptide program’s best chance for success.

CSBIO – Peptide Manufacturers & Suppliers

CSBio was founded 24 years ago as a manufacturer of automated


synthesizers. The CS series


can perform

Fmoc peptide synthesis

as well as

Boc peptide synthesis

. Soon after, we expanded our business to include

customer peptide synthesis

, a Research & Development team in order to synthesize custom and

generic peptides

. Over the years the R&D department added a variety of products so our clients would have all their peptide needs satisfied in one place. We now produce

solid phase peptide synthesis resins

Fmoc amino acids


Boc amino acids

high quality

Fmoc-amino acids


GMP peptide

production, protected

amino acid

derivatives for special


sequences and modification, and

non-GMP Peptides

in large scales.

In 2014 we opened our state of the art GMP facility in Menlo Park, California. With this new facility, we were able to kick it into high gear! We have doubled in size when it comes to personnel as well as facility space. The GMP facility allows us to produce FDA regulated compounds on a large scale. Our GMP facility produces

generic APIs


generic GMP quality peptides

as well as custom

GMP peptides

. Our products can now be found in research facilities worldwide!

Our company’s growth is only going to continue in the years to come. We are inspired by our awesome clients to produce top quality peptide products to be used in your innovative research. We hope we can provide you with any and all of your peptide related needs.

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