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Since 1993, CS Bio has been providing automated peptide synthesis instrumentation and high quality peptides to the Life Science community. Whether you need to synthesize peptides for research (.2 to 5.0 grams resin), for industry (.5 to 500 grams resin) or on a GMP peptide manufacturing scale (50 grams to 10 kilograms resin), CS Bio has the expertise to meet your needs. CS Bio also has a full scale, FDA inspected peptide production laboratory and holds a Drug Manufacturing License from the state of California. The lab produces both custom peptides for research and development and cGMP grade peptides for toxicology and clinical studies. Our manufacturing equipment includes small and large scale automated peptide synthesizers (CS Bio), preparative and analytical HPLC systems (Varian, Agilent), freeze driers (Virtis). Our Quality Control equipment includes analytical HPLCs (Agilent), mass spectrometer (Thermo), elemental analyzer (Perkin Elmer) and gas chromatograph (Agilent). More about us

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