Manufacturing Scale Peptide Synthesizer

This CS936X manufacturing scale peptide synthesizer is currently being used for cGMP peptide production at major pharmaceutical companies in the US and around the world. CSBio offers a line of large scale instruments with reaction vessels from 5 to 400 liter capacity. Although all of these instruments run on the same validated software as our smaller synthesizers, these machines are generally tailored to the requirements of each individual buyer. CSBio is the leading supplier of manufacturing scale peptide synthesizers for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Specifications for CS936X Peptide Synthesizer

Reaction vessel – Single

Reaction vessel size – 10 L – 500 L

Synthesis scale – 250 mM – 5 M

Metering vessel size – Per clients request

Transfer vessel size – Per clients request

Amino acid reservoir – Per clients request

Solvent reservoirs – Per clients request

Solvent pumps 1-3

Drain pump – 1

Solvent transfer – Nitrogen and pneumatic Teflon diaphragm pumps

Reaction agitation – Over head stirring and nitrogen bubbling

Filter – FDA compliant, disposable, polyethylene

Activation – HBTU/DIEA or HOBt/DIC or both

Product Contact – FDA compliant glass, Teflon, and polyethylene

Cabinet Construction – All chemically inert, self-contained, polypropylene


• Additional solvent input lines and bottles • Additional AA reservoirs On board cleavage system • Jacketed reaction vessel or AA reservoirs • Internal solvent recycling system • Installation Qualification/Operating Qualification (IQ/OQ) • Explosion proof / ATEX Compliance