CS536 Peptide Synthesizer or Floor model

This bench top synthesizer can run peptide syntheses of 0.5 to 50 grams of resin using any synthesis protocol. Programs and synthesis scales are easily changed from peptide to peptide. In fact, the synthesis protocols can be changed between amino acids within the same peptide.

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Specifications for CS536XT

Reaction Vessel – Single

Reaction Vessel Size – 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 750ml

Synthesis Scale – 0.25M to 30M

Metering Vessel Size – 2 x 200ml

Transfer Vessel Size – 2 x 250ml

Amino Acid Reservoir – 22 x 100ml

Solvent Reservoirs – 2 x 5L, 3 x 2L, 2 x 1L and 2 x 2.5L

Solvent Transfer – Nitrogen (See Options)

Reaction Agitation – Nitrogen Bubbling, inversion mixing or overhead stirring (See Options)

Filter – FDA Complaint, Disposable, Polyethylene

Activation – HBTU/DIEA or HOBt/DIC or Both

Product Contact – FDA Compliant Glass, Teflon and Polyethylene

Cabinet Construction – All Chemically Inert, Self Contained, Polypropylene

Dimensions 27″ x 39″ x 63″ (D x W x H) / 69 cm x 99 cm x 160 cm(D x W x H)


• Additional Solvent Input Lines and Bottles • Additional AA Reservoirs • Teflon Coated Pump for Solvent Transfer • Teflon Coated Pump for Drain • Jacketed Reaction Vessel or AA Reservoirs • Installation Qualification/Operating Qualification (IQ/OQ) • Overhead Stirring