Peptide Synthesizers

About our CSBio Peptide Synthesizer models

CS336X – A cost effective small scale synthesizer. This low cost synthesizer can be used for research and development, peptides for screening and peptide analog libraries.


CS136XT – A mid scale synthesizer for small scale production. With a wide synthesis range the CS136XT can be used for R&D, Process Development and small scale manufacturing.




CS536XT – The CS536XT is designed for small scale, single batch manufacturing of peptides. Operating on the same software as our smaller scale systems, the CS536XT is a perfect transition instrument from R&D to process development/manufacturing.


CS936SCS936 , CS936X – The CS936 Series systems are the leading manufacturing scale peptide synthesizers in the industry. These systems are fully validated for cGMP manufacturing and are capable of producing enough peptide resin to yield multi kilograms of purified peptide in a single batch.


Reaction Vessels – CSBio’s peptide synthesizers are equipped with reaction vessels from 10 ml to 500 liters. Our smaller style vessels are optimum for research scale syntheses and our 500 L vessels are built to handle the rigors of full manufacturing. All of the reaction vessel frits are disposable which ensures excellent solvent flow and eliminates possible contamination from batch to batch.

Synthesis Scale – Our peptide synthesizers have the industry’s widest range of synthesis scales. Smaller scale systems (CS336X) can perform syntheses down to 0.05mmol and our industrial scale systems (CS936) can handle syntheses >5.0 mol. Our small and mid scale system can be equipped with one, two or three functional reactors for true parallel synthesis.

Solvent and Waste Handling – CSBio’s inventive solvent handling system has been designed to ensure quick solvent delivery and waste elimination. Solvents can be measured and delivered with precision accuracy, all contained and delivered on board with secondary containment. Waste pumps come standard with our medium and large scale systems for rapid solvent elimination from the resin bed. Flow washing is an optional feature that can be included on most systems. All parts used in the construction of our systems are impervious to chemicals used in solid phase peptide synthesis including trifluoroacetic acid and piperidine.

Mixing and Solvent Delivery – Our smaller scale systems use CSBio’s 180˚ inversion mixing system. This mixing system ensures 100% resin/solvent contact to ensure complete resin washing at every step of the synthesis. On our large scale systems the resin is mixed using multi-blade overhead stirring and nitrogen bubbling. All solvents are delivered using “showerhead” technology ensuring that all resin, solvents and amino acids are completely washed from the sides of the reaction vessel during every wash.


cGMP and Pharma Use – Our systems are currently being used in Pharma and peptide production companies worldwide. These systems include 3 level security and all systems are fully validated for cGMP use. The CSPep software features real time runs logs and gives complete documentation of all synthesis parameters. Our software allows for easy selection of solvents, solvent delivery amounts, mixing times and just about any parameters that can be changed during a manual synthesis. No other peptide synthesis software allows for as complete control of a synthesis as our CSPep software.

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