Peptide Analysis Services

HPLC analysis
RP-HPLC (reversed phase)
SEC-HPLC (size exclusion)
IE-HPLC (ion exchange)
method develpment and validation for Non-GMP and GMP projects.

Mass Spectrometric analysis
ESI-MS full scan

Amino Acid Analysis
Proteins/peptides are hydrolyzed using HCl. The released amino acid residues are analyzed on a reversed phase HPLC after pre-18column derivatization.

Water Content
Moisture Analysis by Karl Fisher titration

Peptide content
by elemental analysis

Peptide counter ion content
TFA, Acetic Acid content by HPLC

Residual Solvent content

DMF, DCM, ACN content by GC

qualitative and quantitative analysis

Melting Point

Elemental Analysis
C%, H%, and N% of organic compounds

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