CS536 Series

Pilot Scale Peptide Synthesizers

The CS536 is designed for pilot scale, single batch manufacturing and is widely used for process development and scale up. With a larger synthesis scale than our CS136 series, the CS536 can be supplied with either 180° inversion mixing or overhead stirring.




Reaction Vessel Stirring

Metering Vessel Size

Transfer Vessel Size

Amino Acid Reservoir

Solvent Reservoirs

Mixing Method


50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

2 x 250 ml

2 x 250 ml

22 x 250 ml

1 x 5 L, 3 x 2 L, 3 x 1 L, 2 x 0.5 L

180° Inversion


200 ml, 500 ml, 1 L

2 x 250 ml


22 x 250 ml

1 x 20 L, 3 x 5 L, 2 x 2 L, 3 x 1 L

Overhead Stirring / Nitrogen Bubbling


Common specification to all models

Regent Reservoir


Solvent Transfer



Product Contact

Synthesizer Size

Synthesizer Weight

Cabinet Construction







1 x 20 L


FDA compliant, disposable, polyethylene

HBTU/DIEA, HOBt/DIC or any other polyethylene

27 x 40 x 60 (in) / 69 x 98 x 152 (cm)

275 lb / 125 kg

All chemically inert, self-contained, polypropylene

Multiple coupling regents can be used in the same synthesis protocol

Teflon diaphragm pump for solvent transfer

Teflon diaphragm pump for draining for 536X

Jacketed reaction vessel

Additional solvent input lines and bottles

Additional amino acid reservoirs

Stainless steel solvent tank

Installation Qualificatin / Operation Qualification

21CFR11 Compliance documentation

Upgradeable to a 2 L reaction vessel for CS536X overhead stirring only